CN Traveler “Best of Italy”

iPad & iPhone Apps

The Challenge: Adapting this leading travel magazine’s existing archive of Italy content for use on the iPad & iPhone. Beyond simply offering the print articles in digital form, there was a mandate to “bring them to life” and incorporate interactivity where none existed. The mobile experience needed to be simultaneously relevant to the medium, useful, engaging, and fun.

The Process: We led the creative UX team in the conceiving, designing, and developing of this app, working closely with stakeholders on both the editorial and business sides of the publication, from initial pitch to final delivery.

The Product: Beyond beautiful renderings of the articles in digital form, we transformed static printed content, such as walking tours and listings, into mini-applications that lived cohesively alongside the articles. The result: The┬átop-grossing and top-downloaded iPad travel app in the iTunes Store for 5 consecutive weeks, and a timeless digital archive of CNT’s very best Italy content.